Let’s Talk About Arctic Monkeys


Since today was the Brit Awards in London and the Arctic Monkeys won best British Group and Album of the year (have you guys heard AM yet? It really is amazing) I decided to dedicate today’s post to them. My favorite band of all time next to The Rolling Stones, Phoenix, The Strokes, Young the Giant, Guns and Roses, TDCC, etc. (I have a long list of favorite bands ‘of all time’). If I’m going to be honest, which I am, then I will admit that I discovered this amazing band through a guilty pleasure. One Direction (GUAH! I’m so sorry AM for bringing them up in your post, please forgive me!) Yes 1D, congrats to them on their awards as well. The curly one, whose name shall never be mentioned on this blog, brought up the Arctic Monkeys. When talking about his favorite album, he said “I really like Arctic Monkeys’ first album” which I must agree with. It’s brilliant. It’s different from their AM album, much more punk and they sound like a band you would hear at some British music festival. The band’s sound does evolve over time, like any band, going from their original Sheffield sound to this new slow sexy rock and roll.  One thing that has stayed constant though is Alex Turner’s brilliant and clever  lyrics. “Oh there ain’t no love no, Montagues or Capulets Just banging tunes ‘n’ DJ sets ‘n’Dirty dance floors and dreams of naughtiness.” from I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor,Discarded all the naughty nights for niceness Landed in a very common crisis” from their all time  popular hit  Florescent Adolescent, to R U Mine “Diamond cutter shaped heartaches Come to find ya four in some velvet morning Years too late” Alex Tuner is the William Shakespeare of Rock. Call me bias because I am. Let’s talk about Alex Turner, the lead singer of this phenomenal band. Yes. First let us talk about his handsome features. Just look at him! He looks like a young rockstar. tumblr_mn8wxgFzU31qfodjyo1_1280Granted he did look a little geeky with the long hair before, but I actually prefer that Alex. Miss the long boyish indie band haircut he used to rock. But, even though he looks like a Casanova that will make any girl swoon with a single glance or a smooth line from one of his songs, he is still his awkward dorky self. Proof is his live performances. I had the pleasure and greatest honor to see them live. I remember pointing out how awkward he was dancing. It was a weird combination of  cool Elvis hip shakes and embarrassing dad dance moves. I still don’t know what to think of it except Alex Turner is the smoothest most awkward rockstar out there. Another thing that kind of throws me off is his accent. I do not know what a Sheffield accent sounds like, but his is different.. don’t know how to describe it. It sounds like he’s trying too hard. But his singing voice makes me feel like I’m either in some giant protest shouting around or in a bar with a very attractive man whispering sweet nothings against my ear. That is the power of Alex Turner. Alex+Turner++PNGThere are songs like Teddy Picker where his voice is strong and feels like he could lead a whole army to war, and then there are songs like Only Ones Who Know where it feels like he’s singing a lullaby. Alex did pursue some work without the band such as writing the soundtrack for the coming of age movie Submarine. The lead actor actually looks a bit like Turner. He also collaborated with Miles Kane, forming The Last Shadow Puppets. It’s his gift of putting words together that make him so charming, even Miles Kane wants a little bit of  Alex Turner.  The most dangerous part is his lyrics. “It’s not like I’m falling in love I just want you to do me no good and you look like you could” No. 1 Party Anthem how dangerous is that? He is the king of seduction, singing sweet lyrics with his butter like voice just waiting to taint your innocence. That is Alex Turner, the awkward yet extremely smooth frontman of Arctic Monkeys. With a leader like that you can only expect the best of the band. Which is true. Look at the ever so loveable drummer Matt Helders. He Looks like he could work for a gym with those muscles. He has a funny sense of humor you should check out his twitter, the posts he puts on his fiancee are great and the way he presents himself is like he’s an easygoing guy. Matt-Helders-arctic-monkeys-30836503-500-334When I went to their concert he was rocking his famous joggers while the rest of the band were wearing skinny jeans; Alex even wearing trousers. But don’t let the sweats fool you, when it comes to drumming he always puts a great performance. But not only does he play the drums, he also the back up vocals! In AM you can make out his voice better than the other albums which I don’t mind. It actually surprises me how high he can make his voice go.  I don’t know if other people do this too but I always find myself paying more attention to the beat of the drums and the bass than the lyrics and with the Arctic Monkeys I can appreciate both. If you haven’t heard Brianstorm check it out (here) if this doesn’t impress you, well all I can say is  you have to see it live. Next up we have Jamie Cook, who reminds me of James Cook from Skins. tumblr_moqufbKVVU1qfh2mro1_500In a way he is like James Cook because they both are outspoken and sorry for the lack of better words, but this is an Arctic Monkeys post so why the hell not, “Don’t give a shit” kind of attitude. Cook is the band’s lead guitarist. He’s not as popular in the tabloids as the first two, but on stage it is extremely hard to not notice him strumming out the catchy chords that make you want to stand up and start a mosh pit. Last but not least we have Nick O’Malley, he’s secretly my favorite one. Although he wasn’t the original bassist, that was Andy Nicholson, he has definitely become part of the legends that the Arctic Monkeys are today. He’s quiet but like the rest of the band isn’t afraid to slide a cheeky comment in. Did you know he had two days to learn the Arctic Monkeys album before performing in a secret gig. I can’t even remember the things I learn in lecture and I have a whole quarter to do that. Nick+O+Malley+2012+Coachella+Valley+Music+Y6Uuuyp9wuBlO’Malley’s guitar skills are showcased throughout the AM’s career but I personally really enjoy his part in Mardy Bum and R U Mine. Like I said I really enjoy the bass and drums part of songs, they’re what I nod my head to. Together the four British lads make an great rock band and with  bubblegum pop, Hip Hop, and electronic music taking over the charts, we need a band that can prove rock is still alive. I’m not saying Arctic Monkeys is the only band that can make that statement, but I can say they are big part of it. Their live performances are always blood pumping, there is never a boring moment. When I went to their show at the Fox Theatre in Oakland the whole venue was buzzing with life and excitement. The pit looked like little beads placed on top of a speaker, bouncing up and down along with the beat. They played their new album but didn’t forget to play their older hits which everyone appreciated. I wish you guys could have seen the crowd during Balaclava. Even the older fans were rocking out. That’s the best thing, the age group has no limit. I saw a middle aged man and his wife bumping his head along to Do I wanna Know, while a teenager sang the lyrics. They’re not a band that only a certain age group can listen to plus they appeal to most music tastes. Like more of a punk sound? Check out Whatever People Say… album. Going out to the bars and want a going out anthem,  AM is perfect. Or maybe just went through a bad break up, well Suck and See will be your comfort blanket for the next couple months or years . Someone actually analyzed that the whole album is a series of events in a relationship, She’s Thunderstorms being where the boy is falling in love with the girl and That’s Where You Were Wrong where he proves to her that he can move on. Check out the album yourself and try to make the connections. Their music relates to everything a teenager is going through, from heartbreaks to getting really drunk and maybe that’s why even older fans like them, because you get that adolescent kind of feeling. Their music has matured from those teenage memoirs but they’re still relatable and give us younger ones a peephole into the “adult world”. I have always had a love for rock, but it wasn’t until the end of high school and college that I embraced it; and Arctic Monkeys was one of the first bands I listened to and actually bought the whole album. Overall, the Arctic Monkeys are great and if you ever get a chance to see them live do it, even if you can’t get general admission tickets it’s worth it. There is no such thing as a bad seat when it comes to concerts, especially an Arctic Monkey concert. So here is my take on Arctic Monkeys, I could go on forever but I think it would be better if you discovered the rest by yourself so they can become a more personal experience instead of just Lauren’s take on them.

arctic-monkeysIf you’re a fan comment and tell me your favorite song and your favorite line. So this isn’t my favorite song, but this is one of my favorite lines “Be cruel to me cause I’m a fool for you.” Suck It And See.  So I will end this post with AM’s performance at the Brits. Enjoy!

If you have any music recommendations please tell me I am all ears!


Let’s Talk About My Title

Hi web! This is my first “blog post” and like anytime you meet someone new it is polite to introduce yourself so hi. I am Lauren, hence the title, and I am 20 years and 3 weeks years old but I still act like a 14 year old. I am currently in my second year of university and so far it hasn’t been easy on me. But as much as I would love to talk about how lost I am and confused as to my future, I’ll save that for another rainy day (it is raining where I live). As you can tell I am not artist with words, I can’t paint you a scene of my life with a large vocabulary or clever metaphors, and my grammar belongs to an eight grader, but I still love writing which is why I have started this blog. So let’s get this show on the road shall we?

Let’s talk about my title, “Let’s talk about Lauren.” I am aware it is similar to the novel  We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver, but I promise you I am not like the character Kevin. I have not read the book but I plan on to, not because of my title but because my sister would like to read it as well. I am also extremely interested in psychological behavior, like Kevin’s. So far from the studies I have read, I believe personality, characteristics, and disorders all derived from early exposure to problems. It’s crazy how one incident that happened when you were 3 could affect how you treat other kids or see the world. Today, I read a fact on twitter (Uberfacts you should follow them if you want to see random facts throughout your day) it said “Some psychologists conclude that we tend to fall in love with people similar to the parent whom we have unresolved childhood issues.” It makes sense for example, in lack of better terms “daddy issues”, which is typically used to explain the promiscuous actions of females. Here’s a link to a post about “daddy issues”  The post talks about the Electra complex, which relates to the tweet from Uberfacts. See how things are all connected? So I wanted to look into even further, so I googled it up and I was led to this interesting blog post. Dr. Justin Lehmiller talks about a study where baby geese “imprint” on the first image they see after hatching. This study was then tested on humans, well I am sure they attempted to see if it were true on humans. When we’re born, typically the first people we see are doctors, but I have no idea what my mother’s OB looked like, but I do know what my parents look like and how my dad looks. Weird, I don’t even want to think about my dad in that way, but due to the study, people do find people who are similar to their parents, attractive. I personally don’t think I have ever thought a guy who looked like my dad was attractive, but I haven’t met anyone my age that has a mustache and wears glasses. The guys I’m attracted to aren’t extremely good looking, its more about personal interests, but I’ll save that topic for another blog post. So read the posts and think about it. Are the people we find attractive, attractive because of our parents? Weird. 

P.S. I’m excited to keep blogging and sharing these interesting facts and experiences with you. Until the next “Let’s Talk About” post, adios!